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Bob Cousy on the Celtics: 'Up Past 11 for the First Time in Years!'

Updated: Jun 26

WORCESTER - At 95, basketball legend and longtime Worcester resident Bob Cousy usually calls it a night by 8 p.m. But on Monday, he made an exception. The Celtics’ victory over the Dallas Mavericks to clinch the NBA championship kept him awake well past his usual bedtime.

“First time I’ve been up after 11 in years,” the Celtics icon shared in a phone interview from his home on the west side of Worcester. “I stayed until the end. I even watched a little bit of the celebration.”

A Legendary Moment for a Legendary Player

Cousy was thrilled to witness Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck, also a Worcester native, be the first to hoist the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship trophy on the Garden parquet. “At age 95, everything that happens in your life is kind of crystallized. It’s more meaningful because you know you may not experience it again,” Cousy reflected.

The Celtics legend, who accurately predicted a Celtics victory in four or five games, wasn’t surprised by the outcome. “I didn’t need 70 years of experience to make those predictions. That was an easy call,” he said. The Celtics’ decisive 106-88 win over the Mavericks secured their 18th NBA championship, breaking a tie with the Lakers for the most in NBA history.

Reflecting on Rivalries and Achievements

“That’s significant,” Cousy noted. “Since 1960, they’ve been our rival, and we’ve had a healthy competition with them. So it’s nice to be No. 1 again.” Cousy’s Celtics had a perfect 3-0 record against the Lakers in the NBA Finals, a testament to their dominance during his era.

Cousy also acknowledged the Celtics’ reestablished position as the most significant basketball team globally. “Other than Caitlin Clark’s team,” he joked, highlighting the high level of play in today’s game.

Bridging the Past and Present

Bob Cousy’s impact on the game is undeniable. As the NBA’s first true point guard, he helped the Celtics secure their first six titles and played a pivotal role in their eight consecutive championships. Despite his age, Cousy’s passion for the game and his team remains undiminished.

He shared his thoughts on the current Celtics roster, acknowledging the advancements in today’s players compared to his era. “I agree with [broadcaster] J.J. Redick that today’s player, physically and in shooting skills, is so far advanced from our group 70 years ago,” Cousy said. “Today’s player is much better. I mean, I didn’t dunk. Now they jump over the backboard.”

A Community Fixture

Though Cousy doesn’t leave his Worcester home often, he still maintains ties to the community. His daughter, Ticia, and son-in-law, Randy Brooks, take him to Worcester Country Club on Thursdays to catch up with friends. He expressed a willingness to participate in any championship celebrations the Celtics might organize, albeit with some reservations. “They won’t get me on those duck boats,” he said. “I can’t handle that. But if they have a flag-raising ceremony and ask me to be involved, I would say yes.”

Thoughts on the Current Team

Cousy shared his opinions on the Celtics’ current stars, including Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Despite some criticism of Tatum’s performance in the Finals, Cousy defended him, noting the defensive strategies deployed against him. “(Dallas coach Jason) Kidd is hitting him with a trap every time, sometimes even before he gets the ball. I think he’s done a good job.”

He also praised Jaylen Brown, who earned NBA Finals MVP honors. “He has made strides this year. I think he’s touching more bases. His rebounding, his defense. I think he’s improved his game this year,” Cousy said.

Impressions of the Coaching

Regarding Celtics coach Joe Mazzula, Cousy admitted he doesn’t know him personally but commended his performance this season. “Based on the results, I would give him an A,” Cousy said. “I like his body language better though. He’s finally somehow reached the conclusion that you’ve got to call timeouts at the appropriate times, certainly to break momentum.”

A Legacy of Excellence

The Celtics’ latest championship is a source of immense pride for Cousy, who has seen the team evolve and succeed over decades. “Last night, that was special for me,” he said. Looking ahead, Cousy remains optimistic about the team’s future. “I’ll be surprised if they’re not in the mix, but it is difficult these days to repeat. There are so many distractions.”

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