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Marcus Smart's Heartfelt Response to Celtics' Triumph: A Championship Journey Beyond the Court

When the Celtics clinched their record 18th NBA championship, the jubilation was palpable as the team returned to the pinnacle of basketball glory. The city of Boston was alive with excitement, celebrating the triumph that had been years in the making. The team's journey to this victory was filled with hard work, determination, and resilience. However, amidst the celebration, some fans couldn't help but reminisce about the players who had been instrumental in building the franchise, including former Boston guard Marcus Smart.

Marcus Smart, who spent the first nine seasons of his career in Boston, became a beloved fan favorite due to his relentless defense, passionate play, and leadership on and off the court. Smart's departure last summer, as part of the trade deal for Kristaps Porzingis, left many fans heartbroken. His contributions to the team were immeasurable, and his absence was keenly felt. Despite the trade, Smart remained an ardent supporter of his former teammates and the Celtics organization.

In his first public comments about the Celtics' championship win, Smart made an appearance on the podcast “Tidal League,” where he opened up about the emotions he felt watching his former team achieve the ultimate goal. His words were filled with pride, camaraderie, and genuine happiness for his friends and former teammates, without a hint of bitterness or regret.

"Shout out to Jaylen (Brown), Jayson (Tatum), and the Boston Celtics — congratulations on the championship," Smart expressed. "They built that. They went through the mud. They didn’t skip any steps. I was there with them for nine years of my career. I’ve seen it. It’s no coincidence that they reached their goal now. I’m just so proud of them. I’m proud to be able to be in the trenches with them, to know those guys, and to have had the chance to work alongside them. I know everybody’s expecting me to be salty or bitter. There’s no hard feelings from me."

For Smart, it was a "bittersweet" experience watching the Celtics win the championship in his first season away from the team. Known as the team's emotional leader and heartbeat, Smart had been the driving force behind the Celtics' tenacious defense and unyielding spirit. His trade was a strategic move by the front office, aiming to shake up the roster and acquire new assets to push the team over the hump.

The Celtics' journey to the championship had been fraught with near-misses and close calls. With Smart as a core member, the team had reached the Eastern Conference Finals multiple times but had always fallen short of winning the title. His passion and intensity were key elements of the Celtics' identity, making the trade even more significant.

Despite no longer being part of the team, Smart's support for his former teammates never wavered. He was their biggest cheerleader, rooting for them from afar and celebrating their success as if it were his own. "It’s definitely tough because I was in the trenches with them," Smart reflected. "To not be able to finish what you started with those guys is definitely tough. But my wife will tell you, I was screaming for those guys when they won just as much as everyone else. I have love for those guys, and I know the work they put in."

Smart’s sentiments highlight the strong bonds formed on the court and the sense of brotherhood that transcends team changes. His acknowledgment of their hard work and perseverance is a testament to the mutual respect and admiration that exists among athletes who have shared the same journey.

The Kristaps Porzingis trade, which saw Smart leaving Boston, was a significant shakeup for the Celtics. It was a move aimed at providing the team with a new dynamic and additional draft capital, hoping to build on their strengths and address areas that needed improvement. The trade was met with mixed emotions from fans and analysts alike, given Smart's integral role in the team’s identity.

However, the Celtics' championship win validated the front office’s decision. The team had finally overcome the obstacles that had previously hindered their path to victory. And Smart, despite no longer being on the roster, played a crucial role in laying the foundation for their success.

Reflecting on his time with the Celtics, Smart shared, "I was there with them for nine years. I’ve seen it all. The ups and downs, the near-misses, and the heartbreaks. To see them finally get over the hump and win it all is something truly special. I’m just so proud of them. They deserve this."

Smart's journey with the Celtics was marked by his fierce loyalty, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to the team’s success. His departure was a poignant moment for both him and the fans, but his reaction to their championship win demonstrates the enduring bond he shares with the team and the city of Boston.

As the Celtics bask in the glory of their 18th championship, Marcus Smart's legacy remains an integral part of their story. His heartfelt response to their victory is a powerful reminder of the impact he had on the team and the profound connections forged through years of shared struggle and triumph. While he may no longer don the green and white, Smart's spirit and influence continue to resonate within the halls of the TD Garden, embodying the heart and soul of the Boston Celtics. Source:


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