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Best Tips on Packing for Travel Nursing

Traveling to new locations can be both exciting and stressful! There’s a lot on your plate as a travel nurse, from tidying up your home to ensuring you have all the right paperwork. Packing your bags with the right things effectively might sound difficult in this hectic process of moving, but that’s what this blog is here for! So if you’re looking for tips, read on about packing for travel nursing.

Top 6 Tips for Packing

1. Write things down

A few weeks before you start packing for your travels, start thinking about what you use every day and what you can’t live without. Sort them down into a list and keep adding items until the last minute.

This will help you make sure you’ve got everything you will need during your assignments as a travel nurse.

2. Secure liquid containers

Nobody wants a spill at the last minute! This travel nurse packing tip will save your clothes and luggage from unnecessary spills during or before your travel. Simply put a square piece of plastic between the lids of your containers.

It creates a barrier and prevents liquids from spilling. This hack is great for bottles of lotion, drinks, and even toiletries.

3. Roll, don’t fold

Rolling your clothes into a cylindrical shape saves a lot more room than folding them. You can fit more inside your suitcase without having to worry about creases. So you don’t need to stress about small suitcases and more items, just roll them.

4. Separate your shoes and clothes

It can be tough to arrange shoes and clothes in a single suitcase. But you don’t need to do that after reading our travel nurse packing tip. Wrap a pair of shoes in a shower cap to keep dirt, dust, and other debris from getting on your clothes in your luggage.

Covering the soles of your shoes will help keep your suitcase and clothes in order!

5. Hide your valuables in discrete locations

As a travel nurse, you can never be certain of your new surroundings or the individuals you’ll meet. Keep your valuables in something discrete, such as an old shampoo bottle, to keep your money and valuables safe, especially in your hotel room or on a plane. After all, better safe than sorry!

You can invest in good travel suitcases designed for nurses and their diverse needs, such as those at Away. You don’t have to worry about breaking a zip or broken wheels as you travel back and forth.

6. Protect yourself from razor blades

Razor blades are dangerously sharp. They can not only scrape your hand when you reach into your bag for something, but they can actually rip up the inside of your suitcase. A properly sized binder clip placed over the razor tip will keep everything secure and clean.


In 2019, travel nursing jobs grew by 44%, meaning many travelers need the right things in their bags. Packing effectively can make your time away from home much more comfortable. Being a travel nurse isn’t as bad anymore when you have everything you need.

At HBH Skyline, we aim to make your stays as comfortable as possible and bring you these 6 travel nurse packing tips.

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