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Become a Travel Nurse: 7 Enormous Benefits of Travel Nursing

Looking to become a travel nurse? The nationwide demand has recently surged, so it might be a good idea to look into the benefits of the occupation. Here, learn about several benefits to travel nursing, as it might just be the job for you.

What is a travel nurse?

A travel nurse is a nurse that takes temporary positions in areas that face high demand for nurses, therefore, they are often paid well. Especially following COVID-19, the demand for travel nurses has greatly increased.

Why Become a Travel Nurse?

1. Higher Pay

Most facilities offer well-paid travel nurse positions, and some even offer completion bonuses. Great pay is one of the main driving factors to becoming a travel nurse. The current demand for travel nurses allows for more possible negotiation regarding salaries and benefits, and yes, travel nurses are typically paid more than staff nurses. Learn more about current travel nurse salaries and working conditions here.


2. Experience New Places

Travel nursing assignments are available in any state, therefore the possibilities of places to visit is virtually endless. It’s probably the most obvious benefit to becoming a travel nurse, but experiencing life in the city, country, and everywhere in between allows for you to possibly discover new interests based on where you are working, experience new cultures and types of people, and have a lot of interesting experiences in different restaurants and places. Additionally, it is even possible to take travel nurse job offers overseas, which would possibly maximize these personal advantages.

Top cities in current high demand for travel nurses:

  1. Los Angeles, CA

  2. San Francisco, CA

  3. San Jose, CA

  4. Stockton, CA

  5. San Bernardino, CA

  6. Washington, DC

  7. New York, NY

Pictured: San Jose, CA

3. Networking and Career Development

Moving through different medical facilities allows you to connect with hundreds of different people, and learn a wider range of professional skills that you may not be able to learn in one facility. Networking is especially important as a travel nurse because you do not have a permanent boss or place of employment, therefore you only have yourself to rely on in order to grow. As you travel through different cities and hospitals, it is important to make strong connections with people you work with as it will help you grow as both a professional and as an individual immensely. Networking is often a forgotten benefit of travel nursing, however it is extremely beneficial to one’s career and personal growth!

4. Experience Different Types of People

Another sometimes forgotten benefit of travel nursing is the ability to meet all types of people. Yes, you would already meet a variety of people working in one location, however that variety greatly widens with the more places you visit. With meeting this many people, you learn important life and communication skills that can be applied in almost any kind of situation. With the more people in different places you work with, you will become a more adaptable, understanding, and communicative person. Additionally, moving from one place to another also allows you to avoid drama in the workplace. You can network and make lasting relationships, however you do not have to undergo long-term stressful relationships and workplace politics.

5. Flexible Scheduling

While taking different travel nursing positions in different locations, you get to be more flexible with your schedule. Positions vary in length and hours, therefore you can customize your schedule more than you would be able to with a position at one location. You basically get to decide what type of adventure you’re going to have with every new position you take. Travel nursing is great for those who enjoy frequent, positive change, and wish to experience a plethora of people and places in their lifetime while doing what they love.

6. Job Security

As long as hospitals need nurses, they’ll need travel nurses. You can always decide to settle down and fill a more permanent position somewhere, and the experience as a travel nurse would look great on a resume.

7. Insurance and other Benefits

Most travel nursing agencies provide health insurance , such as dental, medical, and life insurance. Some additional perks that some agencies may provide include 401k programs, professional liability insurance, and bonus programs. Learn more about travel nursing health insurance options here.

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