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Worcester’s Wan Wang Wins Big: Crowned Best Chinese Restaurant in Central Mass!

Updated: Jun 26

After four thrilling rounds and over 70,000 votes, Wan Wang Restaurant on Park Avenue in Worcester has snagged the title of Best Chinese Restaurant in Central Massachusetts!

Owner Kenny Huang couldn't contain his excitement. “We celebrated with all our customers last night,” he beamed. “We’re 100% happy for them and thrilled to see more business coming our way.”

In a Telegram & Gazette reader poll that mimicked the excitement of March Madness, Wan Wang triumphed over Jasmine Asian Restaurant in the finale showdown. With 55% of the 5,548 votes in the weeklong finale, Wan Wang emerged victorious on Sunday.

The battle began with 16 restaurants, all nominated by readers. Just like the famous basketball tournament, eateries went head-to-head in a bracket format, whittling down to eight, then four, then two, and finally crowning Wan Wang as the champion. The contest brought a surge of new customers to Wan Wang, much to Huang’s delight.

“We’re a family restaurant,” Huang explained. “Our family works together, supports each other, and respects each other.” Meanwhile, Jasmine, located at 711 Southbridge St. in Auburn, made a spirited bid for the title, decorating its doors and windows with news of the contest.

“The competition is great for all businesses,” Huang said. “It’s good for us, good for Jasmine, and good for all 16 restaurants. Now, more people know about all these amazing places.”

So, if you haven’t experienced Wan Wang at 401 Park Ave., what are you waiting for? Discover why everyone’s raving about their delicious dishes. Just one bite, and you’ll be hooked!

Cheers to great food, family, and a little friendly competition! Source Worcester


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