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Total solar eclipse in Worcester: When is the next eclipse?

Monday’s total solar eclipse in Worcester has now become history, another significant day to be part of a celestial neighborhood.

On April 8, Earth’s moon blocked the sun and caused a total solar eclipse. The path of totality was visible across part of North America, from Mexico to Newfoundland (within the United States, it was meant to be seen from Texas to Maine but severe weather conditions limited the eclipse’s viewing in the Lone Star State, according to the Austin-American Statesman).

Total Solar Eclipse in Worcester Common Oval MA

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The next eclipse will be here sooner than people realize. A partial lunar eclipse should be visible from the Americas, Europe and Africa on Sept. 18, 2024, according to NASA. On Oct. 2, 2024, South America will see an annular solar eclipse, which North America will catch only a partial view of, the agency added.

The next total solar eclipse will be visible in Greenland, Iceland, Spain, Russia and part of Portugal, while a partial eclipse will be visible across Europe, Africa, North America, the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean, according to NASA. When? Aug. 12, 2026.

If you want to know when the next eclipse — like Monday’s eclipse, a total solar eclipse — will be seen in the United States, get ready for a bit of a wait. The next total solar eclipse seen in the United States should be seen on Aug. 23, 2044, according to NASA.

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