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Top 10 Highest Paying Travel Nursing Jobs

The travel nursing industry has many benefits and privileges aside from being the backbone of medical care in the US. Nursing salaries have improved substantially in recent years due to the stellar job nurses did during the pandemic. Salaries differ depending on the specialty of the nursing profession you are skilled in as well as the advanced training and experience a nurse may have. Also having nursing licenses in states you want to work in can be helpful in maximizing employment opportunities.

If you are deciding on a lucrative travel nurse career, you need to explore travel nurse job opportunities available in in multiple geographies. Are you looking for the highest paying travel nursing jobs? There are plenty of job opportunities for Travel Nurses in the U.S. Here is the list of some of the higher paying jobs (based on public data from job sites and online research, please note this information hasn’t been verified and is best used as a starting point for further exploration).

Highest Paying Travel nursing jobs

1. Gerontological Nurse Practitioner

The salaries for the Gerontological Nurse Practitioner range between $75,000 to $153,319 yearly, $12,777 monthly, $2948 weekly and about $73.71 hourly. The role of the Gerontological Nurse Practitioner is to help patients manage issues resulting due to ageing, such as mental, physical, and social impacts. This position involves multi-discipline ideals, and it is critical to perform it as it involves dealing with old age; therefore, this could be why it is paid so much. These specialists may work in private practices, clinics or hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, extended living facilities, and patient homes.

Gerontological Nurse Practitioners are entitled to work under a critical shift schedule that is not fixed and depends on where they work. Working as a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner needs to have a valid R.N. license, at least 2000 hours of clinical work over the last three years, at least two or more years of experience in R.N. and a record of at least 30 hours on the extension of geriatric nursing skills in the last three years. These travel nurse opportunities are not rare due to the world’s high ageing bracket. There are more than 825 job positions for Gerontological Nurse Practitioners in the U.S.

2. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

The salaries for CRNA range between $105,000 and $133,000 yearly in the U.S. This travel nursing job needs a high level of skills and concentration as it deals with administering anesthesia during medical procedures. The CRNA specialists also monitor patients as they recover. This position is always in demand, and job opportunities are plenty across the U.S. For example, currently, more than 55,000 active Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists in the U.S. Specialists in this position are entitled to work eight or 12-hour shifts; however, the common shift is always two 24-hour shifts weekly.

It isn’t a simple job, which is why it is a paid position in the travel nurse industry. To apply for a CRNA job position, you must have an R.N. license, a minimum of 2 years of experience in CRNA, and be skilled in chronic pain treatment and anesthesia techniques.

3. Nurse Researcher

Any travel nurse working as a nurse researcher will earn between $72 900 and $ 95,000 per year. This pay is almost $35.44 per hour, $248.08 weekly and $992.32 monthly. These individuals conduct research on various health aspects and illnesses in the healthcare sector to improve health, health care services and patient care outcomes. As a nurse researcher, you get job positions in hospitals, government research agencies, and organization agencies. You’ll need your BSN, ADN and pass NCLEX-RN exams to get a nursing license. Nurse Researchers are in demand worldwide, and there are more than 6000 job opportunities in this sector in the U.S.

4. Clinical Nurse Specialist(CNS)

Among travel nursing jobs that can earn you more than six fingers in the United States, the CNS is one where salaries range from $75,000 and $85,000 annually. These nurses are well paid due to the critical aspects of their work, and Clinical Nurse Specialists hold a high education and speciality skills. To work as CNS, you need an R.N. license in addition to holding a master’s degree in a CNS program. CNS’s are always in demand, and there are more than 72,000 job vacancies for Clinical Nurse Specialists in the U.S. Therefore, it is not hard to find a position as a travel nurse if you have the right qualifications.

5. Mental Health Nurse Practitioners

Mental Health Nurse Practitioners are paid about $70,000 to $136,000 per year to work in the United States. This position is critical and requires the highest understanding of mental health issues. It is credited in such a higher amount of pay due to work, education and skills. These individuals are entitled to work full-time for 40-hour weeks, but the shifts vary depending on where they work. So long as you have qualifications as a Mental Health Nurse practitioner, you can get a job easily. There are more than 196,000 Mental Health Nurse Practitioners job vacancies in the U.S.

6. Certified Nurse Midwife

These individuals earn around $54.24 hourly, accruing an annual salary of $112,830. This career is entitled to individuals with skills in labour and delivery, particularly prenatal care; therefore, it could be why it is paid that much. Most CNMs work forty hours a week, but such shifts can vary depending on where they work. As people in the labour and delivery sector keep increasing, Certified Nurse Midwives always find jobs easily. For example, large health facilities in the U.S. have more than 400 job vacancies. You need to be a holder of a master’s degree, RN/ANP license and certified by an accredited Nurse Midwifery program to apply for most positions.

7. Registered Nurse First Assistant

Those working in this position will earn around $49.00 per hour, which is about $101,890 in a year. These individuals work as first assistants during surgical operations. Registered Nurse First Assistants are entitled to work 36 hours a week. It is a job opportunity in the nursing industry that is in demand, and right now, there are more than 186,000 RNFA jobs in the U.S. Therefore, if you have qualifications for this job, you can get employed easily. You need to have an R.N. license and attain all requirements for becoming a Registered Nurse First Assist.

8. Nurse Educator

Nurse Educator earns about $39.44 per hour or $82,040 per year. In a week, a nurse educator can work typically 40 hours. But this job position is not easy; right now, there is a shortage of nurse educators across the United States. Thousands of open positions for nurse educators are available currently in the U.S. If you have previous education experience, you are secure in finding lucrative positions. However, if you are planning to start a travel nurse career as a nurse educator, you must hold a master’s degree or above and have a nursing license in the relevant field of study.

9. Health Policy Nurse

If you intend to start a travel nursing career, consider a Health Policy Nurse job opportunity. Experts in this role can expect to earn around $38.19 per hour or $79,429. This career is based on dealing with health and public policy; therefore, if you are passionate about this sector, you can become a health policy nurse. The working shifts of this position are 40 hours a week, where the total earnings will be $1527.60 weekly. There are countless job vacancies for this position due to the increased attention on healthcare policy. Requirements to apply to Health Policy Nursing roles include an MSN and have a ten-weeks health policy residency program in community groups, advocacy organizations or government offices.

10. ICU Nurse

A nursing speciality needs a set of skills and a high level of critical thinking as they involve a matter between life and death daily. That’s why most ICU nurses are paid so much, making around $57.81 per hour or $120,243 in a year. The working shifts for ICU nurses are set to be 36 hours per week. Even based on other shifts, ICU nurses make more than $200,000 a year, depending on their skills and level of work. These specialists are rare, making the shortage of nurses to work in the ICU sector; therefore, there are plenty of opportunities. You need a CCRN certification and other life support skills to qualify for ICU nursing.

Highest Paying Travel nursing jobs


If you have made your decision to take a travel nurse career, you need to consider the most convenient nursing opportunities. Although these jobs pay well, you shouldn’t be inspired much by salaries as you can begin the career and misguide your studies. Passion for your field is critical in finding where your nursing career will take you.

Highest Paying Travel nursing jobs

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