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This is the most popular cocktail in Massachusetts, according to

If you’re looking for an excuse to drink on a Monday, then here it is.

In honor of World Cocktail Day, which falls on May 13 every year, the Canadian casino ranking site compiled a list of the top cocktails in both the United States and Canada.

The staff at used Google Trends in April 2024 to identify the most searched-for cocktails in both countries. While it was determined that margaritas hold the crown across both territories, the state of Massachusetts preferred the second-most sought-after cocktail: martinis.

“Hotspots include Massachusetts where martini hits a flawless Google Trends score of 100, New York, and New Hampshire,” the website wrote on its findings page. “While search volumes typically remain stable throughout the year, martini experienced a huge 133% surge in December. Seems like it’s the perfect drink for spreading holiday cheer.”

Espresso martinis have a specific popularity in Boston but with the summer months just around the corner, people may be on the hunt for something fruitier and lighter. Some of the best places to find martinis in Boston include Farmacia Cocktail Bar, OFFSUIT and SAVR, according to Yelp.

Meanwhile Vincent’s, Deadhorse Hill and Boardroom Kitchen and Bar in Worcester are among the top spots. Top Springfield destinations include Center Square Grill, Osteria and Dewey’s Jazz Lounge, according to Yelp.


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