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ProForm Mirror Installed for a Better Workout Experience

Looking to fit working out into your work schedule? The newly-released smart workout mirror called ProForm has recently been installed in some of HBH Skyline’s homes. ProForm mirrors allow anyone to check their form as they stream workout videos directly through the mirror. These mirrors are perfect for those who may not have time to frequently go to the gym, or are simply looking for a more customizable and convenient workout experience. Learn more about the versatile mirror here.

ProForm Mirror Features:

  1. 22″ HD Touchscreen

  2. 30-day iFit membership, which contains access to a growing collection of workouts

  3. Large speakers

  4. Bluetooth headphone compatible

  5. Includes 10lb barbell, two 5lb dumbells, and four 2.5lb weight plates

  6. Rear-side accessory storage

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