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Chill Victory: Froze Zone Scoops Up Central Mass' Best Ice Cream Stand!

Updated: Jun 26

When the spoons finally rested in the Telegram & Gazette's hunt for Central Massachusetts' Best Ice Cream Stand, Froze Zone of West Boylston emerged victorious, delighting taste-testers far and wide.

With over 135,000 votes cast and countless indulgent spoonfuls savored Froze Zone breezed past the competition, including the esteemed Trombetta’s Farm of Marlborough, in a showdown with tongues wagging and taste buds tingling.

Owned and crafted by gelato guru Anthony Surabian, Froze Zone’s 6-year legacy of creamy brilliance outshone a robust field of regional favorites, ultimately winning discerning readers' hearts (and appetites).

Capturing a decisive 58% of the total 135,034 votes, Froze Zone's victory was a testament to their dedication and the passionate support of their loyal patrons. As Surabian humbly put it, "I have customers who adore my product, appreciate our hard work, and root for us. That's what made the difference."

Amidst the spirited debate over gelato versus traditional ice cream, Surabian stood firm: "Gelato is just as much ice cream, just better—creamy, flavorful, and with lower butterfat levels for a guilt-free treat."

For those wondering what triumph tastes like, Surabian hinted at a celebratory gelato creation in the works, while already busy catering frozen delights for a wedding.

With heartfelt thanks to his supporters and gracious words for his worthy adversary, Trombetta's Farm, Surabian remains focused on delivering joy, one scoop at a time. And for anyone yet to savor Froze Zone's delights, he invites you warmly: "Stop by, see what we're all about, and taste the difference for yourself."

So, whether you're a die-hard gelato enthusiast or a curious ice cream connoisseur, Froze Zone awaits you with a scoop of excellence that’s sure to leave you craving more. Cheers to Froze Zone, Central Mass' sweetest sensation! Source: Worcester Telegram and Gazette.


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