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Brews with a Cause: Shrewsbury's New Coffee Shop Brings Java and Joy

SHREWSBURY — Prepare to experience more than just a coffee break; get ready to be part of a community. Kader Kapadia and his wife, Salwa Zakaria, are set to launch MOTW Coffee & Pastries in Shrewsbury, a coffee shop with a mission to blend delicious brews with a sense of belonging.

Set to be the first MOTW franchise in Massachusetts, the shop is slated to open its doors in mid to late July at the Marketplace shopping center, 378 Maple Ave. The couple is excited to bring this unique concept to the community, fostering connections one cup at a time.

MOTW Coffee originated from the popular Instagram account @muslimsoftheworld, started by Sajjad Shah during a time of heightened anti-Muslim sentiment. Today, the account has over 700,000 followers, including Kapadia and Zakaria, who were inspired by its positive message and humanitarian focus.

"My wife and I have had a passion for coffee for as long as we can remember," Kapadia shared, explaining their venture into the coffee business. Both Kapadia and Zakaria work full-time in healthcare information technology but are committed to dedicating significant time to their new venture initially, before handing over operations to a management team and a group of skilled baristas, including their 17-year-old daughter, Emaan.

For the coffee aficionados, Kapadia's favorite drink is a classic caffè Americano, while Zakaria enjoys a caramel macchiato. Their love for coffee is well-known among friends, especially during gatherings at their Andover home.

Beyond their passion for coffee, it was MOTW’s humanitarian mission that truly resonated with Kapadia and Zakaria. The company's website highlights their efforts in raising millions of dollars for various causes, including medical care and shelter in Yemen and Ethiopia. This alignment of values was a major factor in their decision to invest.

Kapadia expressed his enthusiasm for the opening, saying, "Super excited" about bringing the first MOTW location to Massachusetts. "It’s meant to be a place to socialize and get to know one another in the community."

To cultivate this sense of community, the shop will feature board games and host standup comedy nights, alongside a full menu of coffee drinks and pastries. Unlike typical grab-and-go coffee spots, MOTW Coffee & Pastries aims to be a place where people can relax, connect, and stay awhile. On weekends, the shop will stay open until 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays to accommodate late-night gatherings.

This Shrewsbury location will join MOTW’s expanding network, which includes shops in New Haven, Connecticut; the Chicago area; and four locations in Indianapolis. Kapadia and Zakaria visited one of the Indianapolis shops last summer and were immediately captivated by its atmosphere and mission.

“We fell in love with it,” said Kapadia. On a whim, they decided to bring the franchise to Massachusetts, combining their love for coffee with a commitment to the company's humanitarian mission. "It’s how we fell into this," he added.

MOTW Coffee & Pastries is more than just a coffee shop; it’s a hub for community-building and making a positive impact. As Kapadia and Zakaria embark on this exciting journey, they invite everyone to join them in creating a space where great coffee and good company come together to support a greater cause. Source: Telegram and Gazette


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