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7 Best Relaxing Things to Do in Worcester

Do you need somewhere to wind down, and are wondering what the city has to offer? It may sometimes be hard to find relaxing things to do in Worcester while working jobs like travel nursing. Whether you’d like to visit a peaceful park or grab a drink at a local brewery, dive into this list of fun places in the city to visit!

Best Parks in Worcester:

Quinsigamond State Park – Has facilities for swimming and tennis, as well as expansive areas to walk and have picnics.

Green Hill Park – An expanse of over 500 acres that contains a zoo, ponds, and playgrounds, perfect to spend time either alone or with family and friends.

Elm Park – Another park, although smaller, has rich history and offers activities for those who enjoy athletics. The park has four tennis courts and a basketball court.

Other activities:

Worcester Art Museum – Houses over 38,000 marvelous works of art, and is ranked one of the more important art museums in the country. Even for half an hour, this museum is a great place to spend time and relax.

Crompton Collective – A curated gift boutique that contains antiques, handmade gifts, and collectibles, perfect to stop by for even just five minutes.

Wormtown Brewery – Offers world-class beers and a fun, modern environment.

Fitton Field – One of the oldest ball fields in America, fun to stop by even for a quick photograph.

Featured: Wormtown Brewery in Worcester, MA

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